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Namaste dear friend of Self – and God- Realization!



Your Consciousness affects and controls everything and I really mean everything!

The key to the development your spiritual Christ/ Krishna/ Buddha/ Moses/ Mohamed/ I AM/ God/Goddess Consciousness is to work on yourself in an integrated and balanced way and to “Know Thyself!” so to say, like the masters and the Oracle of Delphi named it esoterically!

Through the Spiritual/Psychological Full Spectrum Prism Coaching Sessions which I humbly provide, also via Phone or Skype all over the world, I will help you to develop an efficient perception of yourself and the world and life in general, to transcend your negative Ego/ fear-based/ lower self/ low life/ materialistic and duality/separative/mass-consciousness thinking and seeing and that you will be able to think only with your spiritual Christ Consciousness and hence can stay at all times and in all situations in inner peace, mastership and happiness no matter what happens in your life! Then you can be always unconditionally loving, forgiving yourself and others and you will be even minded and bless every situation!

I can help you to be balanced and harmonious on all three levels: physical/earthly, consciousness and your spiritual psychological and spiritual level!

God has created us all after his own likeness and image! God has no negative Emotions and feelings!



Does God Have Negative Thoughts, Feelings, Or Emotions?

The answer to this question is no, of course not! That is why the definition of God is “God equals man minus ego!” God is an egoless Being! God never ate of the Tree of Good and Evil. That is why God is a Being that knows good without needing evil as a reference point! God has no negative thoughts, no negative feelings or emotions, no negative energy, no negative behavior, and no negative energy in His relationships or in the activity of running His Creation! God just chimed in and added, that He does not have negative energy in running His Business either. God’s Business is not like Donald Trump’s business. It is not about making money – it is about completing His Divine Plan and the Salvation of the Omniverse!

And so dear one, be assured that God do not create junk! So how come that we attack, punish ourselves and others, being inpatient, unhappy, sad, jealous, having fear and are vicious to name only a few of those derivatives of fear?!

Those not wanted and even physically ill making illusionary Emotions and behavior are coming from false thinking with your negative Ego thought system!

The destiny, the goal and noble task of every person on this most beautiful planet is to first transcend this negative way of thinking and to become the master over all your energy's and levels, to stay in balance and in inner peace and TAO and then my friend, helping others to do the same!;)

You are called as well!!

This earth is a great and likewise hard mystery school of God to teach souls this truth and we are all teachers and students, conscious or unconscious!

And each person has a choice to learn in an easy way through grace and applied wisdom and knowledge or through the hard knocks which is called KARMA!

So dear one, choose wisely now!;)

The single problem of humans on this planet is the negative Ego ( esoterically called “the dweller of the threshold”) and it is, albeit illusion and totally crazy and only created through our mind, quite real for us for the law of consciousness is:

Your thoughts create your reality and your emotions and feelings! Everything what we think seems so real even if it is not true seen from Gods eyes!;)

Every thought you think is a lense through which you see your life and we see not with our physical eyes, we see with our mind and your thoughts have great power!

For that which leads to the Christ is the Mind! – The Universal Mind

Thoughts are Things and Mind is the Builder!—The Universal Mind

You Don’t Go To Heaven, You Grow To Heaven!—The Universal Mind

The Great Secret Of The Universe Is That What You Are Seeing In Truth Is What You Are Giving! - Dr Joshua David Stone

Let This Mind Be In You That Was In Christ Jesus! –New Testament, The Bible

For God Hath Not Given Us The Spirit Of Fear; But Of Power, And Of Love, And Of A Sound Mind. –2 Timothy 1:7

There Are No Neutral Thoughts. –A Course In Miracles.

We Don’t Have Relationships To People; We Have Relationships To Our Beliefs About People! - Dr Joshua David Stone

Change your thoughts and you will change your world! - The Bible

As a man thinketh so is he!

The future is the reincarnation of your thoughts! - Khalil Gibran

All suffering comes from wrong points of view! - Lord Buddha

It is my great pleasure and joy to present you this topnotch, revolutionary and next higher octave method of training of these Spiritual/Psychological Sessions for the Aquarius Age on behalf of God and the masters! You could call it also Thought Therapy like Djwhal Khul named it or ,Spiritual Psychology, Trans personal Therapy or Choice Therapy!

Help in the dawning 7. Golden Age bring and develop the light and the love and the New Jerusalem first in yourself and then to all people on this wonderful earth!

Fulfill your true mission here on earth!

In the dawn of this New Millennium the teachings of God, the Holy Spirit and the Christ and the entire spiritual and cosmic hierarchy has come channeled by the beloved Dr. Joshua David Stone, Gloria Excelsias and the I M University to bring the tools and the understanding to help humankind to finally get rid off this negative Ego/ fear-based thought system and to replace it with spiritual and loving consciousness!

By the grace and guidance of God and the masters and angels and the teachings of the I AM University and Joshua I have managed it to develop and refine my consciousness and I AM proud and happy to be able to help also you to do the same, if you will choose so!;)

Come in beloved one and experience my loving and powerful and balanced guidance and coaching and see for yourself how wonderful and beautiful life can be if one learns to think right and be able to hold ones mind steady in the light!

Learn to create your own reality!

Learn to create your own feelings and emotions!

Learn to be the master of your life!

In the heavenly ideal your are already the Christ, the Buddha or Krishna etc. but in the form level most have not REALised this truth!

You are a brilliant diamond in truth on which are on a few facets a little mud and I will help you to clean and polish it so that you can shine your light and love and that you will become also here on earth a shining and rising star of GOD!!:))

We will discover every blind spot and blocks within you and heal it!

How can peace on earth come true if we even have no peace in our selves not to even speak of with our neighbors and fellow traffic participants?

From the bottom of my heart I invite you to see the world with the Full Consciousness of GOD as he would have it that you should see it!

It is not the job of God and the masters to control and heel your thoughts! It is your job!

So “be about your fathers business” and book your first session, refine your consciousness and develop your character with my competent help as a humble Official Certified Integrated Spiritual/Psychological Coach of the I AM University!

Jesus said:

All what I do you can do and more!

Be vigilant for God and his/her Kingdom!

He also said:

Have faith until death and I will give thee a crown of life!

So my beloved friend, if you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear then you will you know that these will be the teachings your heart and your soul are in truth waiting for aeons!

I love you!



Logistical details:

And this is like already mentioned before perfect possible all over the world!! You need only to hear the truths and you will master yourself and set yourself free by the renewal of your mind!;)

Costs and energy balance will be according your income in order to train all souls if it is their desire and will!

Please get in touch with me via www.ralffritzinger.com , my email addresses:

and lichtwasser@gmx.com  or  www.myspace.com/ralfloveworker and I will get back to you after 2 work days.

God bless you!

Love and JOY and Wisdom!